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在Ubuntu 18.04系统中安装TimescaleDB的方法


在Ubuntu 18.04系统中安装TimescaleDB的方法

注意:由于本文示例就是用Postgre 10,如果您使用的是更新的版本,比如 PostgreSQL 14,安装timescale请参考以下步骤:

Installing self-hosted TimescaleDB on Debian-based systems

  1. At the command prompt, as root, add the PostgreSQL third party repository to get the latest PostgreSQL packages:
  2. Run the PostgreSQL repository setup script:
  3. Add the Timescale GPG key:
  4. Add the TimescaleDB third party repository:(注意区分debian和Ubuntu使用不同命令)
  5. Install Timescale GPG key
  6. Update your local repository list:
  7. Install TimescaleDB:


    If you want to install a specific version of TimescaleDB, instead of the most recent, you can specify the version like this: bash apt-get install timescaledb-2-2.6.0-postgresql-12  You can see the full list of TimescaleDB releases by visiting our releases page

按照下面提供的方法在Ubuntu 18.04 LTS服务器中启动并运行TimescaleDB。 Continue reading