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HOWTO: Do PUT requests with PHP cURL without writing to a file

From: http://developer.sugarcrm.com/2011/11/22/howto-do-put-requests-with-php-curl-without-writing-to-a-file/

I was helping a partner the other day with an issue they were having in a module they developed for Sugar that is safe to load on our On Demand environment. Here’s the code he was using that was causing issues: Continue reading


本文由泰然教程组出品 ,翻译:outman,白雪艾儿,butterfly;校对:Iven;统筹:糖炒小虾;翻译请注明出处

这篇教程由一个独立的iOS开发者及 4 Arrows Media的创始人 Scott McAlister写的.



如果你想要使用这些api,您可以使用NSURLRequest或封装好的框架像ASIHTTPRequest或AFNetworking立即连接到他们的服务器。正如教程 other tutorials中提到的那样。

然而,有一个更简单的方法实现这些api——使用RESTKit ! Continue reading